How do you want to grow?

The Centre Plan is asking how and where you want Halifax to grow


A gentler approach to density

Seeking change in municipal planning legislation derived from postwar needs written in 1955



Design shouldn't cost more
Density doesn't need to be addressed with height
& a small house can have BIG appeal



Restored with love, thoughtfully renovated and painted with care



Urban Renewable identifies space with potential for development opportunity: large backyard, derelict building, vacant lot, or land

Design Plan

Concept development, design research and material sourcing begins. Strong focus on sustainability is incorporated in developing a plan of attack

Fabricate & deliver

Plan becomes action and sustainable construction unfolds. Wall panels and modular units are delivered to site and erected with ease.

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Growth of a city

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As a graphic designer I sought to create unique visual information that connected with people on some level. Striving to be different is how innovation and new ideas arrive, a space I am comfortable with. The majority of my work was based online, a space where creativity and change is...

Density done well

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Density done well My take away from the lecture with Brent Toderian on Density done well 0 A city needs good examples for developers to follow, game changers; Halifax Central Library Planners should identify good applications and make them happen by applying effort to them, limiting churn, this will be...

A gentle approach to density

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A gentle approach to density Seeking change in municipal planning legislation derived from postwar needs written in 1955. Clear Municipal Planning Strategy adopted in 2006 by Halifax and historically low interest rates have resulted in a development explosion on the peninsula. R2 zoned lots can play a key role in...

Housing Demand in Halifax

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The demand for new housing stock is expected to continue during the next 10 years Household growth in the Municipality is significantly higher than the rest of Nova Scotia. It is estimated that approximately 20,000 homes will be added to the Halifax housing stock between 2015-2024 with about 48.0% being...


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